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There are currently over 10,000 different supplements available on the market today. It can be confusing and frustrating for athletes to find the right supplements to help bring them legitimate results. Michael Ray has put together a list of supplement brands that meet the requirements of producing results for athletes naturally. These brands have integrity and are authentic. Having different brands containing similar ingredients with slightly different synergistic blends, allows the athlete to rotate or cycle supplements. Staying on the same product for months can cause your body to build up a tolerance. It is always good to rotate your supplements and brands to continue optimizing maximum results all year round. Michael Ray has worked at Sprouts Farmer's Market as a Vitamin Clerk and Vitamin Shoppe where he increased his knowledge on which companies practice good manufacturing process and have quality research based ingredients. Michael Ray has been featured in Life Extension Magazine which focuses on unbiased research of natural supplements. One of his main goals is to get illegal performance enhancing drugs out of sports completely. These supplements are backed by either clinical or laboratory research and are third party certified. WMJA Approved Gold Standard is:

1) No banned substances

2) Third party certified

3) Clinical / laboratory research

4) Certificate of Analysis or cGMP


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Trace Minerals Brand Ambassador
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