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Client Success Story

Derek put in great consistent work, attending 3-4 times each week. We worked on the exergenie building linear speed strength. We worked on falling starts to work on arms, hip extension, and low heel recovery. We ran 60 meter sprints and worked a lot on the start and drive phase. There is still a lot more he can improve on in the drive phase but he was getting 10 yards in less than 6 steps. He has the Universal Athlete book and watched the FREE training videos on our app Playmakers In The Faith. He was coachable with the help of his dad and saw great results. 4.38 Laser 40yd Dash.


Purchase Group & 1 on 1 Training Sessions

Group Training Sessions consist of 1-10 people in one training session. Training days are Sunday through Friday.
Sunday: KATY
Tuesday: KATY
Wednesday: KATY
Thursday: CYPRESS
Friday: KATY
During football season training days are Sunday, Wednesday, & Thursday. Please review package details below.
***Please text 81010 with message @WMJA to 
receive training times, days, and location alerts. 

One on One personal training is available for a more detailed and precise workout for the individual. Click the link below for purchasing 1 on 1 training. 
*Scroll up and tap Universal Athlete program to sponsor or register your athletes for training & discipleship. 

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